Maid Service Merchandise and Gifts from Maid to Order FL

Merchandise and Gifts – Maid to Order FL

We Currently Offer (to Customers):
(M.T.O.FL) Re-usable Bags
(M.T.O.FL) T-shirts, Sweaters,
Fiber Duster’s
Our Very Own Maid to Order Green Cleaning Products are Coming soon to save you the Hassle of Evaluating the Tons of the other (misleading) Green Products

Gift Cards:

“Just For You”
$150.00 value
2.5 Hours of Cleaning (Team of 2) = 5 total Man Hours
The perfect gift of time for yourself… or Friends and Family.

“Help Me”
Organization is key To Being Free
2 Hours (Team of Two) of the Ultimate Organizational Services $99

“New mom Gift”
$500.00 value
5 separate $100 house cleanings.
Perfect for new Moms or people in temporary need of cleaning help.

“Get Out of the Dog House Insurance”
6 or 12 month Gift Card’s Available
A 6 Month $600.00 or 12 Month $1,200.00 value
Choose either 6 or 12 monthly cleanings.
The perfect way to get out of the dog house!
Give a gift that will definitely last all year.

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