Gifts Via Maid to Order FL

“Just For You”
$150.00 value
2.5 Hours of Cleaning (Team of 2) = 5 total Man Hours
The perfect gift of time for yourself… or Friends and Family.

“Help Me”
Organization is key To Being Free
2 Hours (Team of Two) of the Ultimate Organizational Services $99

“New mom Gift”
$500.00 value
5 separate $100 house cleanings.
Perfect for new Moms or people in temporary need of cleaning help.

“Get Out of the Dog House Insurance”
6 or 12 month Gift Card’s Available
A 6 Month $600.00 or 12 Month $1,200.00 value
Choose either 6 or 12 monthly cleanings.
The perfect way to get out of the dog house!
Give a gift that will definitely last all year.

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